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The Chronicles of Narnia were written in the early 1950s and are still popular today—most people don’t even know C.S. Lewis wrote anything else! The books were translated into over 40 languages and have sold over one hundred million copies, and many plays and adaptations were written for radio, television, and theater. Narnia is still unbelievably popular today. I fell in love with Narnia when my children started reading them. I read the Chronicles along with them and found that my favorite parts were often at the end of a strenuous quest, when the feasting and revelry begins. Or in the middle, when, for example, the children are cold and hungry and are served a warm and comforting meal by Mrs. Beaver. The enchanted Turkish Delight appealed to the child in me: despite its treachery I couldn’t help wishing I could have some. I was also intrigued by the quaint-sounding British foods that often appear throughout the series, such as plum cake or marmalade roll, and by the delightful concept of an afternoon tea.

Just as I did with The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, in The Unofficial Narnian  Cookbook, I plan to provide millions of readers and fans eager to try out Narnian food with authentic recipes based on British cuisine. Each carefully researched recipe will guide the American home cook through clear step-by-step instructions and important cooking tips to a finished dish. The recipes direct the readers to the story events from the series where they appear as well as providing a brief description of the story scene.

Stay tuned for more news on this forthcoming book. Until then, check out the recipe page for an early peek at some of the exclusive new recipes!

Coming Fall 2012!

The Unofficial

Narnia Cookbook

by Dinah Bucholz

Published by Sourcebooks