Want to make Pumpkin Pasties but don’t want to bother with the dough? Need to make a recipe dairy free? Looking for that butter beer recipe?

Answers to all your questions are right here! This Page is created and updated by You! Send your cooking questions–specific to the recipes in the book–to Dinah at Questions and answers will be posted online.

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Looking for a fun way to spend a rainy weekend? Need tips on planning a great party? 

Look no further! On this page we’ll offer all sorts of tips and ideas to inspire your family and friends, and to make your next family night or party an event Harry and his friends would be proud to attend. If you have ideas or questions, feel free to share them! Write me at

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For food history buffs who want to know more about the traditions and histories behind my recipes

To make my recipe introductions short and sweet, I couldn’t include pages and pages of food history for each recipe; I had to pick and choose among many facts and distill them into a single paragraph (or two). Here are all the fascinating facts that didn’t make it into the book.

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