Q: I’m allergic to milk, and I see that a lot of recipes in the book call for butter or milk. Is there a good substitution?

Answer: In most of the dessert recipes you can substitute plain soy milk or non-dairy liquid coffee whitener (such as Rich’s). The results won’t be as good but will be fair. You can also use imitation sour cream or  cream cheese (such as Tofutti) with fair results. The same applies to substituting margarine with butter. Finally, a word about heavy cream: you can use an unwhipped non-dairy whip topping (again, such as Rich’s) in the chocolate glazes and ganaches, but use an equal weight in ounces of chocolate and whip topping. In other applications just replace the same amount of heavy cream with the whip topping. You will be sacrificing flavor and texture to a certain extent, but in strongly flavored desserts such as chocolate this will be less apparent. You cannot replace the dairy in desserts where dairy is the shining star, such as ice cream. To make a non-dairy frozen dessert would require a completely different recipe.

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Q: There’s no recipe for butterbeer!

Answer: That’s not a cooking question; it’s more like a disappointed wail. But I’ll address it anyway  . Foods to which J.K. Rowling owns the copyright do not appear in the cookbook. However, treacle tart and spotted dick and knickerbocker glory are not copyright-able, so you’ll find all  those kinds of foods in the HP cookbook.

Q: What’s your favorite recipe?

Answer: A really tough one to answer, because I really liked so many of the recipes–especially the sweet ones. Some of my favorite sweets: Nougat, Mrs. Weasley’s Homemade Fudge, Eggnog (the grown-up version that appears on this site, I confess), English Trifle. Some of my favorite savory recipes: Cornish Pasties, Scotch Broth, Beef Casserole.

Keep cooking and you’ll find your favorites soon too!


Q: I want to make Pumpkin Pasties but don’t want to bother with the dough. Is there a shortcut?

Answer: You can buy pre-rolled frozen pie dough. You can use this shortcut for a lot of recipes: buy instant pudding to use in place of custard, frozen pie dough or puff pastry instead of making it from scratch, or cake mix for any of the layer cake recipes.