Harry Potter


If you are a Harry Potter fan who’s been wondering what the delicious-sounding foods Harry eats look and taste like, then The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook is for you. The book contains recipes for every food mentioned in Harry Potter, from simple everyday foods like scrambled eggs to fancy desserts like treacle tart.

British cuisine is very different from American cuisine, and though it has a bad reputation, the Harry Potter books prove otherwise. You can’t read about the Hogwarts feasts or Mrs. Weasley’s sumptuous meals without feeling hungry or wondering if the food is as wonderful as it sounds. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook will not only satisfy that hunger, it will also answer the question with a resounding yes. The more than 150 recipes were thoroughly researched and developed to please the modern American palate. Each recipe also is preceded by a short, colorful description of that dish in British culinary history.

This book is an absolute must for two types of Harry Potter fans: the fans who are interested in trying the foods that Harry Potter and his friends ate and the fans who will never step into the kitchen but want to understand the culture that shaped Harry Potter’s life.

Get this book for a friend or relative and buy a copy for yourself!

Happy cooking and hearty appetite!

The book will delight fans with recipes for "delights down the alley," "breakfast before class," and "good food with bad relatives". -- New York Daily News

One thing that adds, well, flavor to the Harry Potter series is the wealth of food references J.K. Rowling sprinkles throughout her prose. A new book, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook imagines recipes for more than 150 of these delicacies, from Paddington Burgers (found in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) to buttered peas (from Sorcerer's Stone) to Hagrid's Bath buns (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

-- USA Today

Now, immersed in the Harry Potter vortex, I've dived into the "Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook." If you've ever wondered what the foods Harry and his friends talk about taste like, this cookbook is a wonderful introduction." -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

If you're throwing a Potter party, magical treats are a must, and anyone who's read a Potter book knows there are plenty from which to choose. I gathered inspiration from "The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook," by Dinah Bucholz. -- The Columbia Daily Tribune

This is not a haphazardly conceived book. It's a complete cookbook, and the recipes look great.